Destiny has changed my destiny…I’m really grateful to all the faculty members of destiny for their valuable training….They helped me to shine in my career….thank you…. :-)

Mariya Balan (IELTS)

It was a great opportunity to study under your (Mr. Thomas) and other teacher’s guidance at Destiny! I was in a total desperate stage when I joined there but was able to revive myself just because of the atmosphere and support given to me ( although I had been tensed most of the time-which is my personality kind). Moreover, in my view, what people like me need is an individual attention in such an examination since individuals differ. So, Destiny had that service. All the modules were dealt well and among them I had the problem with writing the most. Practice and corrections which were carried out promptly by you have really made me realize my mistakes and to a larger extent I have tried not to repeat them. Inspite, all the classes there, I used to surf through the internet for essays to obtain some good points and I had came across a lot of websites were essays with 7 and above band were posted..most of them was not as per the teachings at the Center and most of them didn’t have a content that, even could please a simple reader; so I’m not sure whether to continue that reading. An awareness creation to the students on which websites to check on may benefit them. Mock tests were yet another good thing that was done. Classes were less on English grammar and rules of various usages but, I hope it will be densely included in between module sessions in future. Apart from that, the carrier guidance and suggestions given by active and experienced members of the team were really an eye opener. Therefore, it was worth being there to study IELTS. I had a fantastic experience.

Steffy Jacob (IELTS)

Training from destiny has been been a  wonderful experience … I had join there just 1 week prior to my exam date. Only because of the training from Destiny, I have achieved my score. I have got a personalised coaching for all 4 modules especially for writing and reading.

I highly recommend Destiny because they won’t give you false promise unlike others and the exam tips from them are so reliable because trainers there have a dream score with them !!!

Shyamal Padath Romeo (IELTS)

Destiny is a really good academy. All the faculty members are very friendly. The teaching atmosphere in this academy is very relaxed and refreshing.

Nithin Thomas (IELTS)